Ceremony Concierge Service

20-Hour Ceremony Concierge Service

Unveiling the 20-Hour Ceremony Concierge Service!

Are you dreaming of a wedding day that reflects your unique love story? 

John’s exclusive 20-hour Ceremony Concierge Service goes beyond the ordinary, offering a meticulous approach to crafting unforgettable moments. From personalised consultations to music production, script crafting, rehearsal coordination, paperwork management, and seamless administration – every detail is expertly handled, ensuring your special day is a flawless celebration of your love.

This comprehensive 20-hour commitment encompasses meticulous planning and execution, with dedicated time for on-day ceremony inclusions. It symbolises our unwavering dedication to delivering Tailored Excellence, ensuring your wedding experience is not only unforgettable but reflects the essence of your unique story and dreams.
Enhance your wedding experience with John’s dedicated commitment to making your dreams a reality. Because your love story deserves nothing less than perfection.
Celebrant Adelaide - John Middleton MC Celebrant

Initial Meeting; In-office - Getting to Know Each Other (1 hour)

Initiate your wedding journey with an initial casual chat, followed by face-to-face meetings, video chats, or calls – all tailored to your preferences. This hour is dedicated to building a strong rapport between John and the couple, understanding your vibe, and discussing your wishes for the big day.

Personalised Consultations - In-office (3 hours)

Uncover your unique love story and understand individual preferences. This phase involves in-depth discussions to delve into the couple’s history, preferences, and vision for the ceremony. An online questionnaire will be provided to further uncover intricate details of your love story, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your journey together.

Ceremony Design and Scripting (3 hours)

Following the consultations and the completion of the online questionnaire, John spends dedicated time creating a script that reflects the essence of your relationship. A second meeting, either via Zoom or in-office, is scheduled to go over draft scripts, vows, and finalise the order and structure of the wedding, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision.

Documentation and Legal Processes (2 hours)

Efficiently handling all necessary paperwork, vows, and legalities, our celebrant ensures a smooth, compliant, and stress-free process. Upon your engagement, you’ll receive a link to complete the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form. To finalise this essential step, an in-office appointment is scheduled for you to personally witness and sign the document alongside your celebrant. This meticulous approach guarantees that all documentation is meticulously managed, leaving you free to focus on the joyous aspects of your wedding journey.

Coordination and Logistics (2 hours)

Proficiently managing the administrative intricacies, our team oversees communication and coordination to guarantee a flawlessly executed wedding. This involves seamless collaboration with vendors, confirming precise timelines, and addressing every logistical detail. From liaising with videographers and photographers to ensuring the smooth flow of the schedule, our meticulous approach ensures that your celebration is not only well-organised but also unfolds seamlessly, allowing you to revel in every moment without a hint of worry.

Rehearsal Coordination and Guidance (3 hours)

Conduct a thorough rehearsal to ensure a smooth and stress-free ceremony, providing guidance to the wedding party. This involves practicing the ceremony, refining the processional and recessional, and addressing any potential challenges along with travel time. John and the couple actively participate in this rehearsal. A flexible option for those who wish to have a rehearsal to ensure everyone is comfortable with the ceremony details. The time for this is subject to the location of the ceremony and is coordinated with the couple’s schedule.

Music Production - Loading Ceremony Playlist (1 hour)

Achieve harmony through expert mixing using DJ software, enhanced by a high-end Bose PA system. Elevate your wedding with a curated playlist, ensuring a seamless transition from the ceremony to mingling. John’s attention to musical detail, coupled with the superior sound quality of the Bose PA system, contributes to the enchantment of your celebration. Additionally, we provide a handled radio mic for the couple and a headset mic for John, ensuring crystal-clear vows. John’s setup also accommodates seamless integration for the videographer to patch in and record proceedings, capturing every cherished moment.

On-Day Ceremony Inclusions (4 hours)

On the day of your wedding, John commits 3 dedicated hours to ensuring a flawless and enchanting ceremony. The first hour is devoted to meticulous equipment preparation, guaranteeing a seamless setup for optimal audio experiences. Following this, we allocate 2 hours for timely travel, assuring our prompt arrival at the venue to alleviate any potential stress. The final hour, “Showtime,” is dedicated to orchestrating your dream wedding ceremony. From cueing music to coordinating entrances and managing last-minute adjustments, our team ensures a magical and unforgettable experience that perfectly aligns with your unique love story.

Effortless Post-Wedding Formalities (1 hour)

From lodging documents to official registration, John ensures your marriage is registered. His commitment extends beyond the celebration. Post-wedding, we handle all formalities, including document lodgment and registration with the Births, Deaths, and Marriages department in your city. This paves the way for a smooth online application process for your official certificate of marriage. Should you require any assistance, John is here to guide you through this seamless and important step in officially commemorating your union.

Fun, Stress Free, Engaging Ceremonies

We couldn’t have had a better wedding. John not only was our celebrant but he provided his services through our reception as our DJ and MC.

Johns services throughout our wedding planning was spectacular. He was always there and always messaging emails, txt messages and phone calls. Not only wedding planning can be stressful but John was the biggest help in every way possible.

I highly recommend John middleton for everything for your wedding. If we had to do it all over again it would be the same!