How to Say No to Kids at Your Wedding

Planning a wedding involves making numerous decisions, one of which is whether to include children. While some couples enjoy the energy children bring, others prefer an adult-focused event. If you’ve chosen to have a kid-free wedding, here’s how to communicate this request clearly and politely:

Consider Your Reasons

Before discussing this with your guests, take time to reflect on why you prefer an adults-only wedding:

  • Atmosphere: You envision a more formal or sophisticated ambiance that may not be suitable for children.
  • Budget: Limiting the guest list to adults can help manage costs, especially if your venue or catering charges per head.
  • Logistics: Concerns such as space limitations, safety at certain venues, or ensuring a smooth-flowing event.

Understanding your reasons will help you explain your preference confidently.

Communicate Early and Clearly

When sending out invitations, clearly state your preference for an adults-only celebration using phrases like “Adults-only affair” or “We kindly request no children under [age].” If you have a wedding website, create a section under FAQs or details where you politely explain your preference and provide information on local childcare options if needed. Be prepared to address any questions or concerns from guests with politeness and respect, ensuring they understand your decision without feeling excluded.

Offer Alternatives or Solutions

Provide information about local childcare services or suggest arrangements for guests who may need childcare during the wedding. Consider hosting pre-wedding gatherings or separate events where children are welcome, such as a rehearsal dinner or casual brunch.

Handle Responses Gracefully

Anticipate a range of reactions from your guests, from understanding to disappointment. Respond empathetically and reaffirm your decision kindly. Stay consistent with your preference unless there are exceptional circumstances that require flexibility.


Communicating your desire for a kid-free wedding can be managed thoughtfully and considerately. By clearly stating your reasons, offering alternatives, and handling responses with grace, you can ensure that everyone respects and understands your wishes. Ultimately, aim to create a wedding day that reflects your vision and allows you and your guests to celebrate joyfully and without unnecessary stress.

Remember, it’s your special day, and your guests will appreciate your sincerity and effort in making decisions that are best for you and your partner. Happy planning!